El piano del maestro Alonso

Francisco Alonso


The piano of the maestro Alonso is a jewel kept in a drawer that came to us as a gift that we will not forget because it made us embrace the immense Francisco Alonso from his home, from his family, from his Granada.

CD-DVD dedicated to the unpublished work for piano with 4 hands.

130 anniversary of the birth of Maestro Alonso

(Granada, 1887-Madrid, 1948).

Iberian & Klavier


Francisco Alonso (Granada, 1887-Madrid, 1948)

1.Barcarola 01:57

2.Danza Gitana * 06:03

3.Noche en la Alhambra 06:07

4.Miguel 04:05 

5.Rosita 06:28

6.Pilarcita 01:54

7.Marcha mora 06:12

8.Doli 05:10

9.Écoutez-moi 04:51

10.¡¡Pólvora sin humo!! 03:20

11.¡Mi adiós a Granada! 04:55

12.María Luisa 03:54

13.Guajiras * 03:26

14.Bonus Track: Nana Murciana* 4:20

* (Arr. For piano 4 hands by I&K)

[Total Time: 62:50]

Includes DVD. Directed and recorded by Antonio Vides (Sounder Audiovisual Productions)


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Music sheet

Critical edition revised by Iberian & Klavier

Comprehensive 4-handed piano play by Maestro Alonso

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